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As a web designer my request from my clients is for them to identify the objectives of their website or webpage and i will make it accessible to all  visitors who are interested in their services. To achieve this goal, the client needs to provide contents and images and can choose a preferred theme for their website. As a web designer i will organize the contents  across all pages and applications integrated along with other interactive elements.

As a web designer, making your website look attractive is my responsibility which includes:

  • Making the color of your website appealing based on your logo as well as making the font of your website easy to read.
  • Creating different versions for your website to make it appear good not only on your desktop but also on mobiles and tablets. 
  • Choosing specific color fonts that complements what your website has to offer to your clients attracting them even more. 
  • Creating layouts for your website using coding languages, such as HTML and CSS
  • Placing on your website your chosen Images, logo, contents, videos, and other elements.
  • Last but not least adding a map or address to your website.